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Professional Financial Planning Advice – Simple, Proven, Effective

Trained professionals known as financial planners or advisors are eager for your business.  But how do you know if you are working with an advisor that can really help you achieve your financial goals? Your average financial planner is a proponent of one or another of their favorite financial vehicles, some effective, some proven, some not so much.

The old saying, if you only have a hammer all you see are nails holds true.  With a dynamic and changing financial reality, many advisors are simply doubling down on strategies that no longer work…

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Tax Lawyer Help: You Just Might Need It

Are you in doubt about the state of your finances and whether you are paying the right amount of taxes, or maybe you are preparing for your future retirement but are unsure of taxation considerations, or if are you facing an IRS audit?  If so you could benefit from tax lawyer help.

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Self-Employed Retirement Plans: Secure Safe Retirement Income

Owning a business is an ideal means of earning a lot of money and becoming financially secured and at the same time, business owners are also encouraged to plan ahead and take advantage of the available self-employed retirement plans that can provide you income, security and flexibility.

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Recommended Small Business Tax Strategies

Paying taxes cannot be avoided, unless you are willing to face dire consequences.  It is a risk that does not have an upside for your business.  In fact, it is even said that aside from death, taxes are the only things that are certain to be unavoidable in this world.  It is probably true.  You may not be able to avoid taxation, but you can handle your taxes smarter…

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Top 10 Home Business Tax Deductions

One of the major advantages of being self-employed or having your own home based business is that there are many allowable deductions that you can claim against your tax obligations to the federal government.  These can all be found, itemized, on the website of the IRS.

What is important is to make sure you document all your business-related expenses and to have them documented properly.

Since a lot of small businesses get audited, and the rate is rising dramatically in recent years, keeping in mind the following top 10 home business tax deductions may help you avoid paying additional taxes and go through the audit process quickly and confidently.

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