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Seek professional pension planning help, please.  Why? Because a small error, miscalculation or misunderstanding has the potential of being disastrous for your future. That being said, let’s cover a little background of what to expect and why we recommend you consult a professional.

What is pension planning? Why is pension planning important? What can it do for a retired person? What are the benefits of planning financially after retirement? 

By definition, a pension is generally a financial arrangement provided to individuals who no longer receiving a regular income from an employer. There are three types of pension plans:

  1. Employment-based pensions or retirement plans
  2. Social and state pensions
  3. Disability pensions

When looking for pension planning help, it is important that you understand the foundational basics of each type of pension so that you can use the advisement you receive to help guide your decision making.

Employment-based pensions or retirement plans are the most common type of pension being implemented in most countries. It is a kind of tax deferred pension wherein an employee is delayed without penalty access to financial support from his or her retirement plan until the employee reaches retirement age.

In the employment-based pension, both the employee and the employer contribute for the whole duration of employment to fund for the pension once the employee retires. The benefits that the employee can get from an employee-based pension are already defined in the compensation package agreed between employer and employee.

Alternatively, the governments of most countries around the world assure their citizens and residents of financial support once they retire from their work. Social and state pensions vary from country to country. The policy differs among the countries that provide this kind of pension to their residents and citizens. Although in most cases, citizens and residents are required to pay a certain premium for their entire working life so that they can qualify and receive regular benefits once they retire.

With this setup, it can be observed that a social and state pension is a contribution-based benefit. This means that the benefit of an individual depends on how much he or she contributed in your whole working life. This also implies that if you decide to take a social and or state pension, from the very start of your working experience, you should keep in mind that the higher you contribute to the basic state pension, you will certainly get higher financial returns or benefits once retired.

The third kind of pension, is the disability pension, is for those who have disabilities. Not all people are fortunate enough to reach the retirement age and enjoy all the benefits of being retired with a healthy body. For those who retire early because of a sudden mishap in their lives that causes illnesses or inability to work.

To accommodate those people who are forced to retire early due to disabilities; most countries provide their citizens and residents with a disability pension. With this, disabled individuals will earn a rightful amount to enjoy the rest of their lives.

In some parts of the world, life expectancy has grown and birth rates have dropped, which leaves a small number of workers for each retired citizen. With a tough economy and state pension liabilities reaching ever more costly highs, the reliability that your company or state will be able to meet its obligations has come under question.

Irregularity in the collection of contributions is becoming a problem that was unthinkable years ago.  A thorough analysis of your pension structure, the holder of the contributions and planning on how to proceed to protect your investments is advised.

Proper management of your pension plan will make sure that as an older citizen you will be able to live independently and happily, and that your investment is secure.

If you are having a problem with your plan or require pension planning help contact us today to speak with an experienced accountant that can help ensure your investments are safe.

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