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Tax season is the most dreaded part of the year for many business owners. Especially for small businesses, being able to correctly, accurately and conveniently fill and pay their taxes seems to be an impossible set to them by the IRS.  Small business tax help from a proven professional will give you the peace of mind knowing that you are legally and ethically making the most of your tax deductions, in a timely manner, to help you keep more money at tax time..

With all the varying rules with regard to tax compliance, easy tax filing and paying is not easy, nor can accurate filing be done quickly.

Since filing and paying for tax is a difficult and time consuming task, the help of a small business tax accountant can be a real life saver.  Though recommended, not everyone chooses to seek professional help, in these cases what help is available for you come tax time?

For the do it yourself crowd, the following is an accounting of the small business tax help that the IRS provides to familiarize you with all matters pertaining business taxes.

You Can Get Help From The IRS Virtual Small Business Tax Workshop

This workshop is a very helpful online presentation that can help you prepare, file, pay and generally manage your business tax compliance requirements. This online presentation will walk you through all the processes that are involved from filing, to paying and managing your business taxes. It is composed of nine helpful lessons that deal with all aspects of business taxes. These presentations present a good overview of business tax information you must know if you are electing to file your own taxes. It is discussed in layman terms that are intended to be easily understood by businessmen who have no background in accounting and taxation.

Online Educational Products

The online educational products include the following resources that can help:

  1. IRS Video Portal. This contains various resources in the form of audio and video presentations that are relevant to small business taxation.
  2.  IRS Live. This is a live web-seminar which includes talks and forums involving IRS specialists and industry leaders regarding topics and issues concerning matters commonly faced by tax payers and the professionals that help them.
  3. Publication 1518. This is a tax calendar that contains helpful data on business taxes, IRS customer support, available payment methods, government holidays, lists of forms related to government taxes, retirement plans, etc.  This can help you keep track of important tax related dates.
  4. Virtual Tax Workshop. These online workshops have topics with helpful information on government taxes and how to start a business.
  5. Online Classrooms

As hosted by Small Business Classroom, this portal provides a variety of self-controlled workshop which aim to educate small business owners, professionals and students on topics that are related to filing, paying and managing Federal taxation.

Helpful Tax Preparation Software

The top software being offered by private companies that can help small business owners in preparing, for their taxes can help you organize, manage and even file simple tax returns. The software helps business owners track their business expenses by manually recording the data and uses the computer to crunch the data. Software like quicken and quickbooks can help you manage employee tax withholdings and payroll. These software solutions have proven helpful for business owners, especially for a start-up company, as it provides holistic assistance managing and documenting their business tax activities.  It is important to note that software is only as good as the data you input and they do not eliminate all effort, you will still need to record your transactions and manage the software.

Take Advantage of the Abundance of Free Online Resource Help

The internet is abundant with helpful resources that can be used to help you better manage your business taxes. There are free sites, ebooks, webinars and other accounting help available that cover preparing, filing and paying your taxes. If you really have zero knowledge of taxation these resources offer an incredible beginners resource.

Available Short Tax Courses

If you want to increase your understanding on how to effectively manage business, enrolling in courses can help you broaden your skillset. There are online classes that you can take part in to fully familiarize yourself with Federal tax requirements, small business taxation strategies, filing fundamentals and accounting practices. There are also traditional short-courses being offered by educational institutions for people who want to learn the basics regarding taxation. Bookkeeping courses are also a great option to really understand how to properly manage your books and prepare taxes properly.  If you have the time and finances, these courses can help you to become qualified to preparer in your own right, proficient in the minimum requirements to file and pay your business taxes.

Hiring Tax Experts

If you would rather leave preparing taxes for an accountant, then you can opt to hire an expert. Tax preparers are accountants and bookkeepers that you can outsource to prepare your taxes, saving you time and money in lost deductions and limited inaccuracies. The experience of a proven tax professional can help ensure filing on time, avoiding costly extensions, help determine what forms to use and what requirements are needed for various deductions.

Additionally, in the case of an IRS audit, having  the help of a small business tax professional readily available will help you tremendously to ensure you meet the stringent requirements of navigating an audit successfully.

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