Why A Certified Public Accountant?

Ever grappled with the decision as to whether or not you should hire a Certified Public Accountant.  An effective CPA is a valued member of their clients financial team and each year at tax time when the savings are tallied up  it becomes apparent why.

Experienced CPAs are financial experts, tax professionals at home with the accounting numbers that detail the health of your finances. Planning, organizing and analysing financial data is the focus. An effective certified accountant listens to your needs and helps provide actionable financial advice and guidance for your finances that can save you money in taxes and investment choices.

The role of a certified accountant is to help make complex business decisions with informed data.  Legitimate accountants are in demand because naturally every business or individuals finances, whether in the private or public sector, can benefit from an accountants help.  An accountant can help businesses keep their financial statements in order for legal and balancing purposes helping you avoid costly penalties and IRS problems that can sink your business.  Certified Public Accountants are not just for businesses and can help you or your estate maximize its tax return and avoid filing errors that can cost you money.

Recent surveys claim that a CPA is one of the most sought after jobs for the coming years, meaning there are a number of fresh accountants entering the market.  With a number of firms vying for your business, when selecting which certified public accountant service is right for you, remember the importance that experience effectively navigating the tax code and working with clients entails.  In order to best understand what skills are applied to help you succeed when working with a CPA let’s take a look at what becoming one requires.

So what does it take to become a certified accountant?

  • Certified Achievement. Aside from an accounting degree, 150 hours of on-the-job training, and probably a masters in the same field, you also need to passed an absolutely difficult 2-day Uniform Certified Public Accountants Examination and be licensed before you can be called an expert in accounting. This exam is the premier accounting criterion in America and it is accepted all over the world. The license alone separates a certified accountant from the non-certified operating in the accounting industry.  Additionally a CPA attains a high level of expertise in their field through experience working with the tax codes and the intricacies of the various business clients they work with.  Having the certification doesn’t automatically mean you have found a professional and effective accountant for your needs but it is the first step to ensure proficiency.
  • International and Local Services.  A CPA accreditation is internationally accepted and as much as meeting your accountant can be beneficial, your accountant can provide valuable services to you irrespective of location. International business accountants help to set up tax shelters and with offshore tax havens to help protect more of your money from taxes.   Ethically maximizing your tax savings and reducing your tax liability through advanced tax strategies.
  • Tough Economy Support. With economic turmoil, a CPAs service is never more important. With the business forecasts tight and the future uncertain, every dollar saved from the tax man can help you keep your financial future alive.  A proactive accountant battles to ensure that you avoid any unnecessary penalties that the IRS can levy and works to minimize tax liability of your financial decisions.
  • Financial Planning. A Certified Public Accountant can also help as a management specialist, business consultant, tax advisor, estate planning, etc. Working as a CPA provides special insight into business management techniques and strategies for financial success that can benefit your enterprise.  Additionally, accountants have experience with retirement vehicles and can help you plan for retirement, helping you to manage risk and meet your goals.
  • Insight & Experience.  An accountants learning should not end at certification.  A stagnant mind is not an option for accountants and those that do not continue to grow with an ever changing financial landscape are not providing the utmost in value to their clients. An effective CPA must study continuously to keep track of ever changing tax laws, auditing standards, computerized accounting applications, retirement options etc.  The more a CPA stays current with successful financial strategies and tax code secrets the more they can pass that value on to you.

The ins and outs of tax law, IRS problem avoidance and business aren’t always sexy, but the returns that can be passed along to clients makes it all worthwhile.   Long hours analyzing financial data, hard work sorting through the tax code and countless hours keeping up to date with the best financial strategies for success are all forgotten hearing the excitement of clients at how much money you have saved them.

Feeling the peace of mind, the sigh of relief knowing that you have a safe and successful retirement plan in place is what makes the job worth doing.  If you don’t currently have a certified public account as a valued member of your financial team, call us today and find out how we can help you.

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